Life is Not a Bowl of Cherries!!

Square One Solutions |Home and Office OrganizationIf your home and work life are feeling disorganized, Square One Solutions will help make it better. Square One Solutions is an innovative organizational management company operating in Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish of the Sea to Sky Corridor. Square One offers organizational help for both home and business.

“Having Marnie come in to help clean out our clutter was such a huge stress relief. She was very organized and professional and helped to make the process not feel overwhelming. We are so happy with the results!”

Sarah McLeod

We live in a fast-paced world, where any individual’s lives can get hectic and disorganized. For some people it is downright frustrating and stressful. Often these negative feelings are the impact of disorganization….in our personal life and business careers. But, professional guidance is readily available; this is where Square One steps in. We offer:

  • Organization of home or office
  • Removal of unwanted items
  • Purchase of new equipment or furniture
  • Help packing/unpacking during a move
  • Seasonal changeover
  • and much more!

About the Owner

Square One Solutions is owned and operated by Marnie Martin. Marnie has lived in the Vancouver Sea To Sky Corridor for 18 years, and has come to know its people, as well as, appreciate its unique landscape. She has worked in the leisure industry (hotel management), as well as, the construction and renovation industry with her husband for the past ten years. Being married and a mother of two children is a baptism by fire hands-on daily seminar in planning, scheduling and executing to keep life orderly and satisfying.

She believes that this valuable experience in tourism, construction and family life has sharpened her skills to be neat, tidy and organized.

“My extensive experience in tourism, construction and family-life has provided me the opportunity to work with many clients, helping them resolve corporate and individual challenges over the years. I am looking forward to using my skills to assist others on their road to organizational contentment. That’s what we are all about at Square One Solutions.”

Marnie Martin

Marnie Martin, a Professional Organizer, from Square One Solutions can step in and make a cloudy picture..clear.  Marnie knows how to unravel seemingly complicated issues. Providing real solutions to people experiencing chaotic spaces. Marnie will offer new beginnings to your environment. Her life experiences has been preparing for this exciting professional advancement.



Marnie is proud to be a recognized member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Check out Square One Solutions’ profile HERE.


What will Square One organize next? Contact Square One Today to get back to “ORGANIZED”.